How To Grow Your Facebook Page To Thousands Of Likes and Followers

So as you may or may not know, I just helped a client close a major deal two weeks ago and I love helping small businesses grow.

I have lots of projects in the works:

I manage social media pages for SME Local companies
I do freelance writing
I write/post videos to my blog
I manage over 60 Facebook accounts
But most importantly, I’m trying to get my fat ass back in shape.

Out of all of my projects, this one is the most difficult. And the difficulty lies in the fact that it’s not as straightforward as the other ones.

My life is not exciting, and yours probably isn’t either.

I have pretty much the same routine every day.

1. Wake up
2. Work on my computer for 4 hours
3. Go to the gym and workout.
4. Come home and work some more.
5. Eat
6. Work some more
7. Watch tv shows and fall asleep.

That said, I do know a lot about building and growing FB pages quickly, so I’m trying to find a way to reconcile my boring life with building and growing a lot of clients pages and businesses.

Curate content from cool things around your business niche & location

So basically what I do is use Facebook’s search feature and pop in hashtags that are somewhat relevant to client’s business or niche and location. #local, #city, #nearme, #localbusiness etc…

If I find any good content, I unabashedly curate that and post it on my client’s page. OBVIOUSLY I credit the OP with a mention and some choice ego-boosting words, but I still curate that content.

The good thing about this is that it takes the pressure off of me to get myself into situations that maybe, possibly might lead to a good photo or video. Like I said, until I have super famous clients, posting pictures of their business.

Post at least once per day to weed out the people who don’t actually like you

Grant Cardone is famous for saying, “Your [business’s] biggest problem is obscurity.”
In other words, if nobody knows who you are, they’re never going to buy your service or product. In my case, I’m not trying to sell anything, I just want to get people to know who my client is.

7 times a week is about as much as I can handle while still managing to balance other things in my life. Once everyday. It might sound like a lot, but the total time it takes me to post does not exceed 30 minutes per day total.

The next thing I do is to look for content that I think will do well on FB. This is one of the benefits of curating content from other people’s pages or the internet in general.

You don’t have to come up with the good stuff on your own – you can just hop on Tumblr and see what the hottest pics/vids of the day are and repurpose one of those.

What does well on FB, you ask?

If I had to sum it up in a few words, I’d probably say, “Content that is visually appealing and eye-catching.”

A well-known concept in digital marketing is that you only have a split second to capture a user’s attention. The amount of time you have to get them to pay attention to you is so small that they need to want to see what you’re showing them before they even realize that they want it.

You need to appeal to them on a primal level and get their lizard brain engaged in your content.

And when it comes to marketing, your whole goal is to buy yourself a few more seconds of the user’s attention.

Copywriters will tell you that each sentence is designed to get the user to read the next sentence.

Phone sales pros will tell you the same thing.

And on social media it’s no different. If you want them to read your post, you need them to look at your picture. If you want them to like you, you need them to look at your FB page. And they’re not going to do any of those things if you post boring stuff.

Now, if you’re not a super famous business, don’t fret. You can post viral pictures/videos and write a nice little caption that somehow connects it to the theme of your page/brand.

That way, you’re taking advantage of a video/pic that’s PROVEN to capture people’s attention, while at the same time re branding it with your own message.

Posting viral videos/pics will make your page more engaging and make people like you

They’re more engaging, they get more comments, and they’ll help your page grow faster.

Write captions for full mind-control effect:

This happens so rarely on FB I’m almost reluctant to tell you to do this. But do it.

When you post a pic, or video, on FB with no caption, people will take a few seconds and look at it (or not) and then move on.

When you have a few words in your caption, people will read it. When you have words your captions, you’ll get people who check your page every day to see what you’ve posted.

You’re basically taking advantage of FB’s massive audience to tell your message.

People think that you need to limit yourself to a just pics/videos with no caption. That’s not true. Say what you want.

FB will allow you so many characters in your post.

Since starting this, I’ve been getting a lot of PMs from people telling me that they like my content. I imagine that when my clients have 1k followers/Likes instead of 10, it will serve them much better professionally.

Anyway, those are my tips. Now I’m gonna go to the gym and work out.

What’s your #Facebook strategy?
Do you have one? Or are you too cool to admit that you wish you were #famous?
Let me know :

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