My Car Loan Took Literally Minutes To Get Approved Even With Bad Credit

I Got a Car Loan with My Bad Credit Score! 

This is the one simple truth that car loan companies don’t want you to know. If you are currently looking for a car, have bad credit, poor or no credit, but have a job that pays you more than $1,800 per month and live in a qualified Canadian province, most people can drive away in a new car today.  Additionally, if you have had foreclosures, bankruptcy, or have had a car repossessed, there’s an excellent possibility you can still qualify for fair interest rates.

But do you think your car loan company will tell you that? When Canadian car buyers enter their postal code and information at myEZcarloan, many are shocked at the results they find. We weren’t surprised when we got questions from car buyers if this is real. The truth is people say it‘s possible to get a car loan with bad credit with $0 down on their car payment and some say they were eligible for lower rates due to new government programs. When we heard about these claims, we decided to investigate for ourselves.

We sent out our very own Cristina Gibson to test these online car loan services and see if they lived up to the hype. After a few days of research what she found was very exciting. “A few years ago I went through a foreclosure and my credit took a big hit,” Cristina told us.“I applied online and was amazed that I qualified for a Ford Escape even with bad credit.

Cristina’s circumstances may vary from your own so we suggest applying today to see what you qualify for. Cristina found that many people with bad or no credit are indeed able to get a car the same day using car loan websites like myEZcarloan – offering the lowest rates possible.

What most people don’t realize is a car loan agent typically makes money off of the loans they sell, so the higher the premium the more they can get paid. Thankfully, smart car buyers have found out how to drastically cut their loan bills by using online tools to get unbiased quotes.

Since almost any credit is accepted and they offer low monthly payments with $0 down – it’s no wonder online services like these are growing rapidly. Our research concluded that myEZcarloan is one of the most trusted and highly effective online tools to provide consumers with quick car loans and fair rates.

We thank this online loan company for providing such an amazing service with an honest  effort to save money for families across Canada. If you would like to receive the benefits of this free tool simply answer a few quick questions and you will have the opportunity to instantly qualify for the lowest rates. You might be surprised how quickly you can get on the road in a new car.

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