Remarketing to Mailing Lists – Your Secret Weapon

When you think of the term ‘remarketing’, you might think of showing adverts to people who have already been to your website. This way, you can prompt someone to buy a product that they had otherwise forgotten about, or decided to pass on. By remarketing to these leads, you can hopefully catch them at the ‘right time’ and remind them of their interest in whatever you’re selling.

But there’s another form of remarketing, and one that Facebook offers in particular. It’s called ‘customer list’ marketing. Essentially, you are remarketing by using a list that you have previously collected by interacting with your audience, and which now is going to become the basis for your next campaign.

What is a Customer List?
A customer list can be anything. It might for instance mean a mailing list, or it could mean a list of contacts that you bought.
Either way, you should have a list of names and numbers, and of email addresses. When you upload this to Facebook, Facebook can then match those numbers and details with users on its database. And when it does that, it can then find the people who are members of your mailing list – people who have already shown they have a distinct interest in buying products from you, or checking out what you have to offer.

Why This Works So Well
Perhaps the most common form of customer list is the mailing list. Countless internet marketers shout about the power and importance of mailing lists – and you can leverage them just the same yourself this way.
Mailing lists give you a direct line of contact with your audience, and with people who specifically have asked to hear from you.

The only problem is that many people don’t check their inboxes all that often – especially not the promotions tab.
Not only that, but email is generally not multi-media. That means you can’t wow your audience with an amazing animation, a jingle, or a narrated sales-pitch. Thus you often lose engagement with that audience.
This is especially true if they only signed up in the first place to get access to a free PDF report or similar!

But now if you use social media to re-contact that same group, then you can potentially surprise them on a whole different platform. That way, you can get the attention of those people who aren’t opening your emails. You get so much more bang for your email list buck, and a way to re-engage with your audience.

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