Top 10 Make Money Online Businesses for 2020

    If you’re sick of your day job and want to start a new, full-time online business, consider one of the following.

    These online businesses are great for anyone who’s willing to devote the time and elbow-grease to making them work. And they have the potential to become much more than just a side-hustle.

    Many of these businesses can be managed on a part-time basis. But to really do them effectively, you’ll need to log in more hours than part-time gigs.

    1. Social Media Manager

    online jobs social media manager

    Pay Range
    • $10 – $40 per hour
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal experience or education required

    You probably spend a good portion of your day on various social media platforms. If so, you should consider getting paid for it.

    A Social Media Manager manages the social media accounts of their clients (usually businesses).

    This gig involves creating a social media strategy, creating written and visual content for social media posts, engaging with and responding to followers, acting as a customer service representative, creating monthly reports to show clients your work, and more.

    Social Media Managers get paid in one of 2 ways:

    1. Clients pay you a monthly retainer for managing their accounts.
    2. Clients pay you an agreed upon hourly fee for performing specific social media tasks.

    The amount of money you make depends on your pay structure and the number of clients you take on.

    Effectively managing social media accounts and getting results is a time-intensive process. To manage this part-time, you can take on fewer clients and limit the scope of your services. Or you can take on multiple accounts and turn it into a lucrative full-time gig.

    • Pick a platform niche: You’ll get better results by specializing in one platform, like Pinterest or LinkedIn. Better results means more money for you.
    • Invest in social media management tools: To do the job effectively, you’ll need:
      • A social media post scheduling tool (like Hootsuite or Buffer)
      • Graphic design tool (like Canva)
      • A social media analysis tool (like SproutSocial)
    Is This Right For You?
    • Creativity: You’ll need to come up with creative ideas for social media content that engages your audience.
    • Analytical: You’ll need to analyze social media metrics to figure out how to better engage and convert your audience.
    • Basic design skills: Social media has become increasingly visual. You’ll need some skill designing graphic content.
    • Organization and time management: You’ll need to be able to organize your social media content, time, and activities, especially if you’re managing multiple accounts.
    Where to Find Work

    2. eBay Arbitrage

    online jobs ebay

    Pay Range
    • $100 – $1000+ per week
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal experience or education required

    Don’t let the fancy name fool you. This is one of the simplest ways to make money online. It’s also one of entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s most highly recommended side hustles.

    Simply put, eBay Arbitrage (also known as Retail Arbitrage) is the process of buying items online or offline and selling them on eBay at a higher price.

    First, you’ll need to learn where to find cheap products to resell:

    • Garage Sales: When people sell things at garage sales, they don’t actually know the market rate for those products. They’re just guessing.
    • Craigslist: Not only can you find products on Craigslist that are listed below market value, you can also find products people are giving away for free (in the “Free” section).
    • eBay: Many eBay sellers make mistakes when listing their products. These mistakes cause them not to get as many bids, which forces the seller to sell at a lower price.
    • Clearance sales: Many local stores sell items on clearance just to get rid of the merchandise.

    To get started, create an eBay Seller’s Account. When you find a good deal, buy the product and list it on eBay at a markup. Be sure your price covers shipping and still gives you a decent profit.

    eBay Arbitrage is a great side hustle. Many people make $1000+ per week just by doing it on the weekends. Some even turn it into a full-time source of income.

    • Stick to what you know: You’ll be better at finding deals if you stick to products you’re familiar with.
    • Check before you buy: Before you buy anything, check eBay to see how much you can sell the product for. Search the product on eBay and click the “Sold Listings” filter. Only buy products that you can sell for more money on eBay than what you pay.
    • Know your keywords: When listing your product, use keywords that customers will use when searching. Otherwise, no one will find it.
    Is This Right For You?
    • Patience: It takes time for products to sell. Don’t get scared if no one buys immediately. Be patient.
    • Eye for deals: You should always be on the lookout for cheap items and deals so you can find products to flip.
    • Market knowledge: eBay Arbitrage is more lucrative when you know how to spot products that are being sold for way less than they’re worth, especially collectibles. You should do lots of product research and stick to selling items you’re familiar with.

    3. Graphic Designer

    online jobs graphic design

    Pay Range
    • $10 – $40 per hour
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal education or experience required
    • Knowledge of graphic design techniques and best practices is required

    If you’re creative with an eye for good design, then consider starting an online career in graphic design.

    As a Graphic Designer, you’ll create images for clients. Your job is to figure out what message your client wants to communicate and who they want to communicate it to. Then use images, letters, colors, and symbols to create designs that achieve the client’s objective.

    Graphic Designers are hired to create logos, ad images, social media images, website images, business cards, brochures, and more.

    Many people need graphic designers, including business owners, websites, bloggers, and marketers. These clients will either pay you an hourly fee or on a per-project basis. The more experience you have, the more you can charge.

    • Get started quickly with Canva: If you’re new to the world of graphic design, you can get started quickly with Canva – an easy-to-use online tool for creating designs. Canva comes loaded with design templates and stock photos that anyone can use to create professional images. It also has a great graphic design course that’ll educate you on the basics.
    • Pick a niche: You’ll get more work and be able to charge more money if you specialize in a few types of images (logos, ad images, etc.)
    Is This Right For You?
    • Artistic: If you have artistic inclinations and a passion for design, then this job is for you.
    • Creative: Clients won’t always be clear about what they want. You’ll need to be able to translate their goals into images.
    • Marketing savvy: Most of the work in graphic design is for marketing campaigns. You should understand how images fit into marketing strategies.
    Where to Find Work

    4. Rank and Rent Niche Websites

    online jobs rank and rent

    Pay Range
    • $1000 – $3000 per site per month
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal education or experience required
    • SEO knowledge is critical

    To rank and rent niche websites is to create a website in a small niche, develop it until it ranks for specific keywords in search engines, and then rent the website and the leads it collects to local businesses.

    Most local businesses don’t have the time, money, or expertise to build a website that successfully attracts leads for their business. And hiring an SEO expert can be very expensive. If you can build a website that ranks for niche keywords, many local businesses will be willing to rent it from you for a good price.

    First, pick a niche in a high-ticket industry like plumbing or electricians. Then build a website in that niche, find niche-related keywords, and create high-quality content that ranks for those keywords.

    Once the website is ranking, you can either rent it out for a monthly fee, sell the leads, or sell the website altogether.

    To get started, you’ll need to register a domain name with a site like Namecheap invest in a website host like SiteGround, and choose a Content Management System like WordPress. You may also want to use an SEO tool like Moz SEO and set up Google Analytics on your website.

    Ranking and renting niche websites is a great form of passive income. If you’re already familiar with SEO or willing to learn, then this may be the online job for you.

    • Choose high-ticket niches: To make real money with rank and rent, you’ll need to choose a niche with an expensive product or service. That way, you can sell the leads or rent the website for more money.
    • Model your competition: No need to reinvent the wheel. Study the top competitors in your niche and model their success.
    Is This Right For You?
    • SEO Skill: You’ll need to know how to optimize your website and content to rank for keywords in search engines.
    • Content Marketing Skill: You’ll need to know how to create and execute a content strategy that will attract leads.
    • Patience & Persistence: Ranking a website takes time and effort. You’ll need to be persistent to realize the fruits of your labor.
    • Salesmanship: Some businesses will need convincing to get them to buy or rent your website. You’ll need to know how to sell your services.

    5. Website Designer

    online jobs web design

    Pay Range
    • $10 – $55 per hour
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal education or experience required
    • Knowledge and experience of web design best practices required

    A web designers job is to develop the look and feel of a website. In other words, they design the experience that visitors have when they visit a website.

    As a freelance web designer, you’ll design the look and feel of websites for your clients. You won’t work with coding as much as a web developer. But you’ll still need to learn some coding languages like PHP, JavaScript, and Python.

    Freelance web designers are typically either paid by the hour or a flat rate per project. The main problem with both payment methods is that it’s hard to determine how much time a project will take.

    You’ll need a web design tool like Dreamweaver, image editing software like Photoshop, and a User Interface tool like InVision.

    • Identify your ideal client: When you know who your ideal client is, attracting them becomes much easier. Choose the type of people and businesses you want to work with, then tailor your business toward them.
    Is This Right For You?
    • Web design skills: You’ll need coding knowledge as well as an understanding of web design best practices.
    • Empathy: You’ll need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your client’s audience to design a website that’s tailored to them.
    • Web marketing knowledge: You’ll need to understand best practices of web design to build websites optimized for sales.
    Where to Find Work

    6. Amazon Affiliate

    online jobs affiliate marketing

    Pay Range
    • 1% – 10% of each sale
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal experience or education required
    • Experience with the niche and products you’ll be writing about will help

    An Amazon Affiliate (or Amazon Associate) is someone who promotes Amazon products on their website for a commission on each sale.

    To make money as an Amazon Affiliate, you’ll first have to start a blog in a specific niche and use it to promote Amazon products in that niche.

    Amazon uses tracking links to determine the source of its visitors and customers. When someone clicks on your tracking link and makes a purchase within 90 days, you get credit and a commission from the sale.

    To get started, you’ll need to register with Amazon. You’ll also need a web host for your site (like SiteGround) and a domain name.

    If you like writing about and promoting products – especially if those products fall into a specific niche – then being an Amazon affiliate is right for you.

    • Sell products with blog content: You can promote the products by creating how-to posts that show how the products solve a problem, creating “best product” roundups, or doing product reviews.
    Is This Right For You?
    • Content marketing skills: To make the most money, you’ll need to develop a content strategy and create amazing content that ranks and delights.
    • Blogging knowledge: You’ll need to understand how to create a great blog that dominates a niche.
    • Empathy: You’ll need to understand how people use the products you promote so you can create content that speaks to them.
    Where to Find Work

    7. Ebook Self-Publishing

    online jobs ebooks

    Pay Range
    • 35% – 70% of book sales
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal education or experience required
    • Writing and book promotion skills will help

    Ebook Self-Publishing is the process of creating ebooks, publishing them on Amazon Kindle, and promoting them. Basically, you’re a one-person publishing company.

    This involves creating fiction or nonfiction books, editing them (or paying for editing), designing book covers (or paying for cover design), then publishing the book on Kindle. You’ll also be responsible for promoting your book with Kindle ads, blog promotion, social media promotion, and more.

    Kindle will keep a portion of each book sale, depending upon the price of your book. If you price your book at $2.99 or more, you get to keep 70% of each sale. If your price is below that, you’ll keep 35% of each sale.

    All you need to get started is a Kindle Author account and a word processor (like Word or Google Docs).

    If you enjoy writing or creating books that inform and entertain readers, and you want a source of passive income, Kindle self-publishing is right for you.

    • Pick a niche: The most successful ebook publishers create multiple books in the same fiction or nonfiction niche (i.e. science fiction, marketing, etc.).
    • Master Kindle Ads: Kindle Ads will be your best promotional channel. Learn the secrets of creating successful Kindle Ads.
    Is This Right For You?
    • Writing skills: You’ll need basic writing skills and knowledge of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax.
    • Passion for entertaining or informing: You should enjoy creating books that entertain or inform readers.
    • Book publishing & promotion skills: To be successful, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of publishing and promoting your book.
    • Passion for reading: The best writers love to read.
    Where to Find Work

    8. Course Creator

    online jobs course creater

    Pay Range
    • $50 – $2,000 per sale (depends on the course price)
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal education required
    • You’ll need practical experience in the subject of your course

    In 2017, the global marketplace for online education reached $255 billion. If you have a skill that others want to learn, and if you enjoy teaching that skill to others, then you can earn a piece of that $255 billion pie by becoming a Course Creator!

    A Course Creator creates and sells online courses that are optimized to teach people what they know. Then they promote the course using content, ads, and other forms of marketing.

    As a Course Creator, you’ll make money on every course you sell. You can either sell courses on your own website or through an online course marketplace like Udemy. If you sell on your own, you keep 100% of the sales (minus expenses). If you sell on Udemy, you keep 75% – 97% of course sales.

    Creating courses requires a lot of tools. Rather than list them all here, check out this guide: 13 Essential Tools To Create, Record, And Sell Your Online Course.

    • Promote with blog content: Promote your course by creating blog content that teaches some of the skills involved.
    • Build your email list: Email marketing has the greatest ROI for Course Creators. Invest heavily in building your email list.
    Is This Right For You?
    • Instructional design: You’ll need to know how to design courses that are optimized for learning to help your students succeed.
    • Passion: You’ll need a passion for the skill you’re teaching and teaching itself.
    • A teachable skill: You’ll need a teachable skill that others will want to learn.

    9. Freelance Coach

    online jobs online coach

    Pay Range
    • $50 – $100+ per hour
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal education required
    • You should have experience in your consulting/coaching niche, but you don’t have to be an influencer (though it certainly helps)

    A Freelance Coach is someone who uses their specialized knowledge to help clients achieve a goal. There are all sorts of coaches – business coaches, dating coaches, fitness coaches, etc.

    Coaching is similar to creating an online course, except you’re actually working one-on-one with the people you help.

    Coaches usually start with a strategy session where they talk with a client to learn their problems and goals. Then they create a strategy for helping the client overcome their problems and achieve their goals. Then they work with the client on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis until the goal is achieved.

    Coaches are usually paid hourly for the time they spend working with clients. Some will receive a bonus if they help the client succeed. It’s up to you to determine your coaching business structure and pricing model.

    To get started, you should build a website and outline your coaching program. You may also need video conferencing software (like Zoom) and project management software (like Asana).

    • Offer free strategy sessions: This is a great way to get clients in the door and sell them your services. Be sure to focus on the client during the session though.
    • Create promotional content: Most coaches promote their services by creating blog content or ebooks that help readers solve problems. The content includes CTA’s for their coaching services.
    Is This Right For You?
    • Trade knowledge: You’ll need to know how to achieve a desired goal in a skill or trade.
    • Salesmanship: You’ll need sales skills in order to convince clients to enroll in your coaching program.
    • Teaching and motivation ability: Coaching is part teaching and part motivating your clients to take action. You should know how to do both.
    • Strategic mind: You’ll need to know how to build a strategy for clients to help them achieve their goal(s).
    Where to Find Work
    • Most consultants and coaches attract customers through their website and blog content
    • You should also tap into your network for any opportunities

    10. Freelance Video Editor

    online jobs video editor

    Pay Range
    • $10 – $40 per hour
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal education required
    • Experience editing videos and using editing software will help

    Editing videos is difficult and time consuming. Making videos look good even more so.

    Businesses are willing to pay freelancers to take this task off their hands and make their videos shine.

    That’s where a Freelance Video Editor comes in.

    Clients send you footage from a video shoot and your job is to edit the footage according to the client’s expectations. These can include promotional videos, YouTube videos, feature films, short films, and more.

    Clients will pay you per project or per hour. The more videos you edit, the more money you make.

    Video editors will need a computer, video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, a cloud-based file hosting service like Dropbox, and hard drives for storing large video files.

    If you like editing videos and want to get paid for doing it, freelance video editing is for you.

    • Network with other editors: Other editors can help you get work and learn the trade faster.
    • Pick a niche: Clients want to hire someone with experience editing the types of videos they’re creating. Specialize in a niche to get more clients and charge higher prices.
    • Build your reel: Your reel is your best tool to win clients. Create a reel filled with samples of your work in your chosen niche.
    Is This Right For You?
    • Video editing skills: Obviously, you’ll need to know video editing best practices and how to use video editing software.
    • Patience: Video editing is slow, meticulous work. You’ll need patience to do this job.
    • Attention to details: Video editing often requires rewatching footage over and over again to notice and fix small details.
    Where to Find Work

    11. YouTuber

    online jobs youtuber

    Pay Range
    • $0 – $22,000,000 per year (in other words, it varies considerably)
    Required Experience & Education
    • No formal experience or education required

    If you like to create video content that entertains and informs people, then consider becoming a YouTuber.

    YouTubers are people who create their own YouTube channel and regularly upload videos that get lots of views.

    There are 2 kinds of YouTube channels:

    • Personality-based: This is where the YouTube channel is all about you and your adventures. These include vlogs and comedy-based channels, like David Dobrik and Logan Paul.
    • Topic-based: This is where you create videos around a certain topic, like fashion or makeup tutorials. You’re basically teaching people a skill or discussing a topic people are interested in. Channels in this category include makeup channel Yuya and gaming channel JackSepticEye.

    There are 3 ways monetize your YouTube channel:

    • TrueView Ads: Companies will pay to host ads on your YouTube channel.
    • YouTube Partner Program: Other YouTubers pay to host ads on your channel.
    • Affiliate sales: You promote products on your YouTube channel and get a commission on each sale.

    It’s up to you to determine which type of YouTube channel you’ll make, what kind of content you’ll create, and how you’ll monetize.

    Earnings can vary wildly. Some channels make several hundred dollars per month. Others, like Ryan’s World, earn $22 million a year.

    To get started, you’ll need a camera, audio equipment, video recording software, and video editing software.

    • Post frequently: YouTube channels that post more frequently get better results.
    • Create a workflow: To produce regular content, you’ll need a streamlined production workflow.
    • Include CTA’s: Add calls-to-action that remind people to subscribe or buy the products you’re promoting.
    Is This Right For You?
    • Personality: Regardless of which type of channel you create, you’ll need to be able to engage and entertain your viewers.
    • Camera presence: You’ll need to look good and speak well on camera.
    • Passion: Whatever the focus of your YouTube channel, you’ll need to be passionate about it to make good videos and put in the heavy work.

    The best online business is one that matches your goals, skills, and personality.

    The only way to determine which online business is best for you is by answering some questions about yourself and what you want.


    You’ll make faster progress and enjoy a online business more if it matches your skillset. To gain clarity on your skillset, try answering the following questions:

    • What work experience do you have (jobs, volunteering, etc.)?
    • What education do you have (degrees, certificates, etc.)?
    • Are you willing to commit to a learning course or certification program for a job?
    • What are you good at? What are you not good at? Anything you like/dislike?
    • What tools and software do you already know how to use?


    Determining personality traits is a bit more subjective and vague. But try to answer these questions as best you can:

    • What kind of person are you?
    • Do you enjoy talking to or working with others? Or would you prefer a job you can do alone?
    • Are you good with data, numbers, and/or strategy? Or are you more of a creative?
    • What topics, hobbies, issues do you enjoy?


    Everyone has a different reason for seeking online work. Whatever your goals are, some work at home business opportunities will satisfy them better than others.

    Clarify your goals with the following questions:

    • Do you want to work part-time or full-time?
    • Do you need perks like health insurance?
    • How many hours a day can you devote to your online work?
    • How much money do you want to make?
    • What’s your ideal work-life balance?
    • Do you want a business that brings quick money? Or are you willing to earn less in the short-term to build something bigger?

    The real problem with finding work from home positions isn’t that there aren’t enough good opportunities out there, but that there are so many.

    By taking some time to answer the questions above and get clear on who you are and what you want, you can narrow your options and start the perfect online business for you.

    Pick an Online Business and Get to Work!

    Every tip listed in this post has a good track record with remote workers. Many people have found online success and built a lifestyle they’re comfortable with using these tips.

    And with the information provided, you should be able to find a one that suits you.

    Scan the list again. Pick one that interests you.

    Then go forth and begin your journey making money from home!

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