Top Facebook Group Settings You Need to Consider

Creating a Facebook group for your business? Great! That’s one of the very best ways to spread the word and get people to engage more strongly with your brand. And it’s also something that a lot of brands and businesses never think to do.

Now you need to think about how you’re going to go about taking that group and making it a hit. Starting from the beginning and setting up your app, you first need to think about the settings.

Here are some to keep in mind.
Head over to the settings panel in your Facebook group and here are some of the important options.

Linked Pages
The linked pages option lets you link your group to a Facebook page. This is a useful tool as it will allow you to promote your group via your page. The group will appear at the top of the page. That in turn means that your Facebook page followers can instantly jump into your group. Linked pages also share administrators.

Web Address
This is the URL for your Facebook group. This is what people will see in their browser when they visit your group, and of course it also creates the option for direct traffic to visit your group simply by typing in the address (rather than going via the Facebook app). Choose something that reflects the group name and brand, but consider that your web address is fixed once you pass 5,000 members.

If you set a location for your group, then it will appear more prominently in local searches and might even be recommended to other users, depending on your settings. Choose a location then if your business is a local type of business such as a highstreet store, or perhaps a pub or restaurant.

Membership Approval and Pre-Approvals

This defines whether anyone can join your group, or whether you need to approve them first. Which you decide to go with will depend on the intent of your group. Are you planning on using this as a way to build a large following? Or do you want to keep it exclusive and make your group into a way to attract more engaged viewers?

If you want to approve certain members and save yourself time, then you can use pre-approvals and that way set certain groups to be accepted into the group by default.

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