Top Tips for a Better Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook business page is something that EVERYONE should make an absolute priority for their business if they have not already. Facebook has around 2.2 billion active users, which is an absolutely huge number. It also provides some of the most powerful, dynamic, and versatile tools for reaching that audience.

Your Facebook page is central to ALL of these.

So how do you go about creating a great Facebook page? Here are some answers that will help.

Consider Your Blurb
The passage of text you write for your Facebook page is essential to your success. This should be short and to the point, but most importantly, it should tell your fans and visitors precisely what your business does.
This is where SO many big businesses go wrong: they try to use aspirational and fluffy language to sound professional – when in fact all they manage to do is to make themselves vague and frustrating. If you land on a website or Facebook page that says:
“Leading teams with expertise into the future, with collaboration, intuition, and cloud solutions!”
Then that actually tells you nothing. It might sound pompous, but most people will just move on. Be clear and straight talking.

Be Interactive
At the end of the day, a social network is a communication tool. Unfortunately, many businesses forget the communication bit and instead just focus on trying to get their message out.
The best part of Facebook is being able to engage with your audience, help them to get to know you, and ultimately develop the kind of trust and fandom that leads to more sales.
So, to do this, you need to actually SPEAK with your audience. Do this by answering their messages (this will also get you a badge showing that you respond quickly) but also by asking questions and polling your audience. Make an interactive community!

Choose Your Images
Good branding should be concise and clear and evocative. That is to say, that a great brand instantly shows its cards and helps people to decide if it is ‘for them’ or not.
If people look at your logo, they should be able to instantly tell from the name, colors, and image whether or not they are likely to find something here interesting.

Try to do the same with all imagery on your Facebook page. Sell the dream and the value proposition – show what it’s like to follow your brand.

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